Winston Hightower: Insubordination Rules!

Winston Hightower: Insubordination Rules!

Above: Winston Hightower on the keys, excerpted from the "Insubordination Rules" video.


Winston Hightower has a story to tell. Many stories, from many worlds. You'll learn all about them on his new album Winston Hytwr (PRNL050/KLP292), due in late May. One can get a taste of the Winston Hightower perspective from his new single "Insubordination Rules," out today. It's a chant, a yell, an encouraging word.

"Insubordination Rules" highlights Winston's cheerleading formula for life on the high wire. He's been punking it hardcore in bands since way back, skating the concrete rollercoasters of Downtown, U.S.A. and home recording his life journal via cassette tape and CDR. Now "Insubordination Rules" injects a chiming guitar sing along into the time of your season. Listen it up!

Winston Hightower hails from Columbus, Ohio, a town that has always strewn it's guitars across the pavement without rancor. He just has to get his sound on the ground, off and running. His songs flow like jelly, from punk to soul to rocket pop. The Winston Hytwr LP shifts the changes this direction and back, rock-a-bye. One may PRE-ORDER the Winston Hytwr LP now via The K Mail Order Dept. to be shipped by April 30.

Winston Hightower is your new favorite band.

Above: Winston Hightower, in repose.