We Make the Rules (Volume One)!

Olympia Underground -

We Make the Rules (Volume One)!

Above: The latest Olympia cassette tape compilation, We Make the Rules, Volume One.


We Make the Rules Volume One is a cassette-only compilation from Olympia's Small Craft Advisory (SCA) label. It's loaded with mass groovin' combos like SCA stalwarts Field School, Olymp faves LAKE, Kicking Giant, fish narc, Lois, The Mona Reels, Calvin Johnson and internationally recognized artists Catenary Wires, Damien Jurado, Ribbon Stage. What a line up!

According to Small Craft Advisory Chief Archivist and Administrator of Visual Services Jimmy Ulvenes, “We’ve collected all your favorites that you know and love, and a few you don’t." Cools. Like, how did they ever corral so many high-profile artists onto one cassette tape? “It’s been super fun. Turns out, sometimes when you simply ask, people say, ‘Yes.’”

We Make the Rules, Vol. 1 is the first in a long line of cassette-only compilations to come - - - “We plan on making tons more comps.” And when they say cassette-only, they mean cassette-only! “We don’t have a digital presence.”

We Make the Rules, Vol. 1 is available now (on cassette tape!) from The K Mail Order Dept.

We Make the Rules Volume One, artists & songs:

The Catenary Wires - Was that Love?

Ribbon Stage - Amy Goodman's Favorite Girl

Lois - Strumpet

The Empiricists - City of Angles

LAKE - Samiotisa

Field School - I've Got a Feelin'

Damien Jurado - You for a While

The Mona Reels - We Don't Like the Same Things

Calvin Johnson - Sugar on Sunday

fish narc - see you d1

Ed Glover - Chinese Chocolate Tamale

Kicking Giant - O Samba

The Chi Chis - Beercan Chickenwalk

Streeter - Small Craft Warnings