Ueno Zoo happening!

Ueno Zoo happening!

Above: Ken Kagami and Shuko Yoneyama, Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan. All photogs by Fumie Ishii.


Little known fact: Fountainsun (Fumie Ishii, Daniel Higgs), the duo dynamic who specialize in rousing the inner and outer sanctum with grace and elan, have departed Olympia, Washington and are currently residing in Japan. Passionate art, like that created by Fountainsun, is not born of a vacuum; in their search for new temples to sweep Fumie and Daniel have ventured forth on many multidimensional pilgrimages through the cosmos. Olympia was just one (decade-long) stopping off point. Fumie and Daniel are creating anew in the land of the rising sun.

Yet, even the most diligent worker bee must have their moment of repose to cleanse the palate and reflect on where their creative center is shifting. Earlier this summer Fumie and Daniel, along with their muse and constant companion Felix, visited the National Museum in Tokyo with pals (fashion designer) Shuko Yoneyama and (contemporary artist) Ken Kagami. Unbeknownst to Fumie and Daniel (or Felix), that day Shuko and Ken were togged in the latest K apparel, direct from the Olympia, Washington Fountainsun dreamt was far away and long ago. It's a small universe after all.

Above: Ken draped in the ever-popular Campfire Cat.

Above: Shuko displays the iconic K Pocket Tee!

Above: Ken and Shuko portray the classic K look, including the Olympia Underground long-sleeve.


After absorbing the National Museum, our formulating fivesome retreated to the pond at Ueno Zoo for some paddling about + photo documentation by Fumie of the K garments Shuko and Ken had donned for the occasion. Thanks to Fumie, Shuko, Ken, Daniel and Felix for sharing their summer outing with us!


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