Treepeople, KEXP-FM live session!

Treepeople, KEXP-FM live session!

Above: Treepeople (L to R) Wayne Flower, Troy Wright, Doug Martsch, Scott Schmaljohn.


Treepeople appear live on KEXP-FM at the end of their tour around the NW, capping an exciting summer that saw the release of the their Guilt, Regret and Embarrassment DELUXE Edition [KLP284] double LP. The KEXP broadcast includes Treepople playing four songs live, "Stay" and "Lost" from Guilt, Regret and Embarrassment, "Funnelhead" from their Something Vicious for Tomorrow EP and "Fishbasket" which appeared on their first demo session, released as the No Mouth Pipetting cassette.

The broadcast continues with an interview of Treepeople by KEXP host Troy Nelson about their torrid past and complex inter-band history. Learn more about the Treepeople summer tour at drummer Wayne Flower's Music History Blog. Besides telling all of Treepeople's recent escapades, the Music History Blog recounts early Boise, ID punk glory and folly by Treepeople and their antecedents State of Confusion, Dissident Militia, Commonauts; fellow travelers Caustic Resin, Dirt Fishermen and more.

Their summer 2023 tour may be the final chapter of the Treepeople saga, as far as live performances are concerned. However, we've heard that before and the band has found reasons to regale us with continued exploits. One never knows.

View the Treepeople KEXP-FM live broadcast HERE.

Treepeople, Guilt, Regret and Embarrassment DELUXE EDITION [KLP284] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.