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The True Olympians!

Above: Like True Olympians, this combo practices in the garage


The True Olympians, a combo whose existence is based on an inclusive concept: anyone "from Olympia" qualifies as a member in standing, though de facto the result is an elite cadre of jazzbos, punks, hippie-boppers and NW rock'n'roll personas. The brainchild of The True Olympians is Green Monkey Records founder Tom Dyer, and their magnum opus is Olympia, a true Story, the selective history of Olympia told in song. The True Olympians have also released a Holiday Collection and several singles, including two brand new selections:

Lisa and The True Olympians, "Frozen Darling" c/w "Crazy on You" (Green Monkey Records ) CD single

A CD single featuring inspired, all-new versions of PNW classics by The Telepaths and Heart, featuring the wonderful Lisa Ceazan on vocals. The Telepaths were one of Seattle, Washington's original punk bands, who later morphed into the legendary Blackouts. Heart is the NW powerhouse platform for the creative output of Ann and Nancy Wilson. One of the songs is plain weird and one, just plain sultry.


The True Olympians Play the Olson Brothers Band (Green Monkey Records) CD single

The Olson Brothers are an Olympia duo who write, record and perform country music, the kind of country music you love. The True Olympians have been fans of The Olson Brothers and decided to record a few of their top-notch twangers. Another delightful NW nonpareil.