The Softies, Winter Pageant on LP!

The Softies, Winter Pageant on LP!

Above: The Softies (Rose Melberg, Jen Sbragia) as seen on the back cover of the Winter Pageant [KLP061] LP (photog by Hannah Sternshein).


The second album by The Softies, Winter Pageant [KLP061] will be back on the long-playing (LP) phonograph record format this summer, and is now available for PRE-ORDER from The K Mail Order Dept. Winter Pageant finds The Softies moving forward with focused delight - - - it's the drama of utter melancholia documenting broken promises, missed phone calls, conversations stalled, love lost. Colossal tasks recorded two guitars deep, forming a new Iliad, chapters on brave deeds and the power of love on the move. You can live for love, or you could live for the splendid cascade of guitar on guitar, voice over voice: The Softies. Yeah!

It is The Softies combination of Jen Sbragia (All Girl Summer Fun Band) and Rose Melberg (Tiger Trap, Gaze, Go Sailor); feathers and thorns, fawn and fearless, fable and friction.

Winter Pageant was recorded by Stuart Hallerman (Soundgarden, KARP) at his Avast! recording studio in Seattle, Washington.

One may PRE-ORDER The Softies, Winter Pageant [KLP061] HERE.