The Smashing Times!

The Smashing Times!

 Above: The Smashing Times perform emergency-peanut-butter-sandwich surgery at a field hospital in an undisclosed dream state (imagery excerpted from their "Where is Rowan Morrison" video log).


Everybody complains about pop music, but no one ever does anything about it. That's when The Smashing Times put down the headphones and picked up guitars, flutes and maracas to create noise, loud and soft. Are we ever lucky they did: This Sporting Life [PRNL051/KLP293] is their latest album of crumpet soaked crashpop. It's the wildest collection of fables unearthed from the garden since Aleister Crowley fragmented the looking glass.

Look here: The Smashing Times have second sight about these things, and are willing to share their vision with us. Like I said, we're lucky. Listen to the sounds of This Sporting Life, in stock at phonograph record emporiums world-wide this Friday (November 3, 2023), available now from The K Mail Order Dept. Our pop-eaten combo tours the West Coast this weekend through November 12. Check the K SHOWS page for a complete list of dates.

The Smashing Times' song everyone is listening to this week: "Where is Rowan Morrison", available with age-appropriate visuals HERE. It's main theme is confusion, wonder and the price of rice in foreign climes. The role The Smashing Times are rapidly assuming in our lives is to raise wondrous mysteries to the stature of the every day. The solving of such mysteries is not their concern.


The Smashing Times tending their own Enchanted Forest.