The Real Distractions!

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The Real Distractions!

Look at them Olymp rockers. Above right to left there's Tobi Vail, whom you know from Spider & the Webs, Peter Daivd Connelly aka The Mona Reels (also plays in Quayde LaHüe and WULF), Ricky Meyer of Rik and the Pigs and new on the scene KT who phase-shifts between electric bass guitar and vocal dynamisms extraordinaire. This is The Real Distractions! The have a new four song EP out now, Stupid [IPU148], the latest volume in our International Pop Underground series.

The Real Distractions make the Olymp weird-out punk noise, less dank than some more corrugated than others, completely refashioned from discarded dejected and disappropriated poptones, reloved and relaunched as perfect garage rod nose bleed soundz.

Always listen to The Real Distractions at pop volume.

The Real Distractions "Fosta/Sesta" video

Always watch their "Fosta/Sesta" video after school as soon as you get home and then watch it again. Count the robots.

The Real Distractions will play a handful of West Coast shows to celebrate the Stupid [IPU148] EP, keep an eye peeled.

The Real Distractions Stupid [IPU148] EP is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.