The Moving Pictures play Northern Sky!

The Moving Pictures play Northern Sky!

Above: The Moving Pictures at Kalaloch Beach, Washington. Photog by Jolie.


It's all coming down the first weekend in September when the Northern Sky opens up and pours art upon us. One of the participating artists is The Moving Pictures, who strum hard chords with soft underbellies creating a shimmering musical experience. You will like being under their umbrella.
The Northern Sky Festival is a multi-dimensional, interactive ART happening that occurs September 6 & 7 at Oyster Bay Farm outside of Olympia, Washington. Ticket are available HERE.
The Moving Pictures are a "rock band," mortally damaged by exposure to modern society and all its fatal charms. While trying to punch their way out of that wet paper bag they've recorded a diary of disenchantment that will warm your heart. Join their cozy cabal and learn there are more of you than you dared think.
The Moving Pictures have two album on their own Perennial Records, co-released by K:

The Moving Pictures, EMDR PTS 1, 2 + 3 [PRNL030/KLP265]

 It's a cool party,
There's streamers there
Michel Gaubert is there
Hate rock minimalism In a loving gaze
"I'm always teetering on the edge"
No drug metaphors
No call backs
Frankie has been so depressed
William Eggleston sends you a birthday card

The Moving Pictures, Fake Books [prnl40/KLP278] LP

Tremolo Babylon
Reverb soaked 4th generation calamity days
Now that every day is truly like Sunday
Feedback as language
Flip your Bass Drum on its head
“Fail at anything long enough and you’re a legend”
Worshiping any sound you can lie in
9 songs 33RPM