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The Moving Pictures (Fake Books)!

This Friday (August 27) is the official release date of the new album Fake Books [KLP278] by Olymp combo The Moving Pictures. In the record business we refer to August 27 as the "street date", which is the day the LP will be available in record stores, though Fake Books has been available as a digital album (from all the usual suspects) throughout the summer. that's show biz.

Fake Books is a co-release between K and Perennial, a local label operated by Hayes of The Moving Pictures (pictured, above). Perennial is responsible for scads of groovy recs from the last decade by several Olymp artists: Milk Music, Daisies, Trans FX, CC Dust, American Nudism, Son Skull, Restless, Cairo Pythian, Broken Water and Gun Outfit.

The Moving Pictures themselves are strumatomic; their rhythm metastasizes, fluids ungovernable; hair grows wild. their album Fake Books [KLP278] is best described as "tremolo Babylon". Listen to it three times in a row, stomp your foot and clap your hands. You will be overcome with feelings indescribable. The Goum are an irregular cavalry in Algeria who sit bolt upright in their high-backed saddles with scimitars beneath the left saddle-flap. Fake Books is their battle cry. Listen deeply, Fake Books.

Recently Jenn Pelly wrote about Fake Books on her Cryptophasia web log saying
'Waring subtracts almost everything but his spare guitar riffing (“tremolo caverns,” he calls them) and daring poetry. “Dear Ali, fear eats the soul,” he sings on the stark "Holiday Ennui" echoing Fassbinder. It could be an epigraph to this poised album, which enacts the opposite of fear, putting its heart on the line, mixing the burning minimalism of Suicide with the wide-open tradition of Oly underground-pop possibility. "Holiday Ennui" is a gentle ode to the consuming life of the ever-searching artist.'

The Moving Pictures album Fake Books [KLP278] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.

Calvin Johnson

The Moving Pictures, Fake Books [KLP278] album cover