The mona reels "Don't Make a Promise" video!

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The mona reels "Don't Make a Promise" video!

Peter David Connelly has fallen in with a batch of rock'n'roll wranglers. "They're all very young and talented and enthusiastic," which is not a bad thing at all. Peter himself started his band The Mona Reels when yet a teen, and has self-released gobs of clear-eyed pop rollicking collections of his song making experiments, including the most recent Without Love (available as both CD and CS from The K Mail Order Dept.)

The Mona Reels latest single is "Don't Make a Promise." Instead of the usual inward facing home recording, it's got a dozen hip and swinging collaborators bending it sideways. "It's less 'just me,' there's twelve people on the song." Which is reflected in the accompanying video. "The goofy concept of the video is, clearly the person lip-sinking is not the person singing, though everyone in the video worked on the song. Rose who does my vocal part is one of the producers. Anya, the drummer, also directed the video. She shot the whole thing and edited it, all while playing the drums."

There's more in store. "My idea is to make a double album. This is the first single." But first, The Mona Reels will tour the West Coast in January, "and into Arizona. We'll play two shows with my former bandmate (The Real Distractions) Ric's new band, Class." A meeting of the rock'n'roll minds.

Check into The Mona Reels, "Don't Make a Promise", the product of a stellar collaboration. Muses Peter, "As long as I can surround myself with passionate types, it will rub off on me." And vice versa, as well.

The Mona Reels Without Love CD is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.