The Halo Benders: Don't Tell Me Now!

Olympia Underground -

The Halo Benders: Don't Tell Me Now!

Above: a poster for The Halo Benders, Love as Laughter and Mocket at the Capitol Theater, downtown Olympia, 1996.

The time had come to re-evaluate The Halo Benders and their entire catalogue. All three albums have been remastered and are available now in that form from all the usual digital plats, including Bandcamp. Meanwhile we have been pressing them up on long-playing phonograph records. Last month one could obtain The Rebels not in [KLP081] as such a long-playing phonograph record. Now we have Don't Tell Me Now [KLP046] available, too (also as a cassette tape).

The above photog, taken by Jeff Smith behind the Capitol Theater in Olympia, fully expresses the elusive nature of The Halo Benders. One never knows when or where they will pop up. Such is life amongst the rhodys.

Calvin Johnson

The Halo Benders, Don't Tell Me Now [KLP046], also available on cassette tape!