The F.I.B. #24: Arrington de Doionyso Issue!

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The F.I.B. #24: Arrington de Doionyso Issue!

above: Arrington de Dionyso holding a prototype of The F.I.B. #24

According to Jimi Sharp, editor of The F.I.B. (Fidalgo Island Is Beautiful) fanzine, "Arrington de Dionyso is a talented musician, artist, and mystic who deserves to have a biography written about him." Fair enough. In reference to The F.I.B. #24 (being held by Arrington de Dionyso in the above photog)  "This is not that."

So bogus.

However, any disappointment is diminished as Jimi explains "The F.I.B. #24 is simply questions asked of Arrington - Studs Terkel style - out of pure curiosity borne from my love and respect of Arrington’s music, art, and wordsmith abilities."

Yeah! That's what I'm talking about.

The F.I.B. is a project Jimi Sharp has been carrying out for over 25 years, documenting the music and culture in the San Juan Islands and other parts of the Salish Sea, including Olympia. In those 25 years (+) The F.I.B. has presented invaluable interviews and cultural artifacts from The Microphones, Karl Blau, Mirah, LAKE, D+, Beat Happening, The Crabs, Old Time Relijun, The Blow, Dub Narcotic Sound System and so much more.

Jimi goes on to say "The F.I.B. #24 organically grew into 188 pages of Arrington’s words, art, and lyrics accompanied by photos I've snapped over the past 25 years of folks in the Anacortes and Olympia independent music community." 188 pages - - - that's quite a hefty tome. An invaluable document, worthy of the effort. However, when one realizes The F.I.B. #24 is not Jimi Sharp's job, it is his hobby, and afterall he has a family with three young children to support, one's admiration for Jimi and The F.I.B. grows.

Jimi Sharpe and Calvin Johnson, The Labor Temple, downtown Olympia, Wash.

If it occurs to you, how can Jimi afford to print a 188 page fanzine on a Special Ed school teachers salary? Simple. He can't. That's why Jimi printed up 9 prototype editions of The F.I.B. #24 (as in photog at top). Each of the prototype copies are signed by Jimi, Arrington de Dionyso and the author of the forward, Calvin Johnson. In addition, Arrington made a unique full page drawing in each copy. Now this prototype edition is operating as a self-styled "kickstarter" campaign to raise the funds to print the regular edition of The F.I.B. #24 to be distributed widely (as widely as possible, depending on how much can be raised for the printing).

There you have it. Jimi is counting on YOU to purchase one of the prototypes of The F.I.B. #24, priced at $85.00 each. The entire purchase price goes toward Jimi's printing budget.

You know what to do.

Original artwork by Arrington de Dionyso for the cover of The F.I.B. #24