Sounds from the Selector Dub Narcotic DJ Booth

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Sounds from the Selector Dub Narcotic DJ Booth

Catching up with songs surfacing on the ipod these last 12 months (or so).

Aunty Razor "Bounce"   Viral Wreckage on the dance floor. (Hakuna Kulala)

So Pitted "Muse"  Suddenly, Seattle matters. So Pitted, among a handful of combos scraping the inside of your cranium all over again. (Youth Riot Records)

DJ Afrosia 20 Minute Jersey-Club + Baltimore-Club Mixx   Baltimore house mix delish.

Katy Von Schleicher "Overjoyed"   Derived from the majestic A Little Touch of Schleichter in the Night (Sipsman) LP. Reigniting the singer/songwriter screed.

Gafacci "Mirror Ball"   This Accra, Ghana DJ have many dance bite confections.

Panic Pocket "Get Me"   Oh no, not these two again. Run! You don't stand a chance. (Skep Wax)

Dear Nora "We're Going Down"   Orindal Records is the perfect home for Katy and Dear Nora. This LP - - - Human Futures - - - makes me so happy.

Phelimuncasi & Metal Preyers "Gidigidi ka Makhelwane"   Dance action from Durban, South Africa, sung in their isiZulu native tongue. (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

Nick & the Nod "Solo Griswold"   Indiana is not just for fentanyl anymore - - - these weird-outs (bastard children of Mark E. Smith) have pumped out several cassette tapes and this 7" EP on their Chicken Shack Records, all of it cave-worthy.

Hammered Hulls "Abstract City"   The best thing about D.C. is the museums - - - free admission! One listen and you know Hammered Hulls have taken advantage of this hometown perk: Alec MacKaye swinging from the Calder mobile at the National Gallery of Art, Mary Timony splashing down in the command module Columbia amidst the Butterfly Pavilion at the National Museum of Natural History. Too punk. (Dischord Records)

Filth Is Eternal "Crawl Space"   Relentless. Drop the needle anywhere on any of their records and it's absolute pulverization. Not a scarf or power ballad in sight. (MNRK Heavy)

The Sundae Painters "Hap 1"   New Zealand keeps on doing it. Supergroup of Flying Nun alum get into a groove. (Leather Jacket Records)

Body Double "Carnation Island"  Too much fun in the East Bay! From their Voice 2 Skull cassette.

Escaflowne "Shameless Ting"   Brooklyn based beat maker, all night worker, dance floor slayer.

The Delarcos "Can't Reach My Angel Wings"   One year later and this LP is still glued to the turntable. The coolest nerds to ever split a reed. (Punkish/Dischord)

Briana Marela You Are a Wave   If one requires clarity, serenity, peace, play this cassette tape and glide.

Juba w/ San Farafina Guest Mix - 10 March 2024   The latest in a series of mixes from Juba's Rinse FM radio show. Follow her on Soundcloud.

Artsick "Vacant"   Some friends got together, made up a few songs and now they're playing them on the beach. Another California autumn. (Slumberland Records)

Jon Spencer's Hit Makers "Get up and Do It"   Fudge it. These people keep pumping out the hits! (In the Red)

White Poppy "One More Night"   Crystal Dorval played a show with The Hive Dwellers last decade on Vancouver Island. She has since converted her sound to White Poppy, and it's blooming. (Not Not Fun Records)

Ibex Clone "Nothing Ever Changes"   Memphis still got it. This, like other Ibex Clone LPs, was recorded by Miles Jordan (Hartle Road) at Pompeii, Columbus, Mississippi (as was the Calvin Johnson LP Gallows Wine [KLP287]). (Goner Records)

Crumbs "You're just Jealous"   A preview of their upcoming LP (of the same name) from Skep Wax. It's exactly what you've been waiting for; now dance.


Stephen Steinbrink "Cool and Collected"   Gently deceptively innocuously arguably the bestest guitar warble jockey since Christopher Cross, or Kris Kross (no, Redd Kross!) (Western Vinyl)

OMAT "Pollen"   From the Boho lofts of Brooklyn; it's comforting to know weird-outs still swarm Gotham to distort the rhythm hive. (Fire Talk)