Sounds form the Selector Dub Narcotic DJ Booth: Albums of 2022!

Sounds form the Selector Dub Narcotic DJ Booth: Albums of 2022!

Above: Magia Bruta, whose album Un d​í​a nuevo (Foehn Records) was released in 2022.



Everyone is posting lists, attempting to rank the albums of 2022. What follows is a list of year 2022 albums by pals of K that may have been overlooked by such an hierarchical approach to music listening. Some good shizzz. Give a listen or three. Links are to appropriate Bandcamp sites, where albums may be streamed (and purchased!)

Karl Blau, Scream Time / Love and Harm (Spiral Valley)

Karl Blau in delightful song-making mode as spun in Philadelphia, PA.


Briana Marela, You Are a Wave CS

Sounds and feelings divided and recombined. Field recordings of the heart.


Dear Nora, Human Futures (Orindal)

Yeah! Katy Davidson treats us to a peek inside her wanderings through this world, and it's too fun. Which is not to say you won't shed a tear or two along the way.


Magia Bruta, Un d​í​a nuevo (Foehn Records)

Smoda calls this album “Music to connect with the entire Universe." I couldn't agree more.



Cumulus, Something Brighter (Share It Music)

As is the way with Cumulus, this music is bursting, and sharing it with the world is clearly a source of joy. What a beautiful thing.


The Casual Dots, Sanguine Truth (Ixor Stix Records)

This music feels so good. Plunge in and bask in these treasured soundz.


Fred Thomas, Those Days Are Dust, Dream Erosion Pt. II (Dagoretti Records)

Fred Thomas on the keyboards, making with the ever-changing moods. And key changes. Decapitatingly cinematic. Totally desiccating  and mouth wateringly sugar tasting at the same time. Give this man a monkey with a cup.


Horde of Two, I Knew I Was a rebel Then (Shrimper)

Melodically dynamic bass guitar duo Wendy Atkinson and David Lester go against the grain (of course). Snap your fingers.


Adult., Becoming Undone (Dais Records)

Brill rhythm aces deconstruct time and other self-induced forms of anxiety.



Star Party, Meadow Flower (Feel It records)

Crashpop at it's unpolished best. Like all the best things around here, it is vaguely Olymp, strangely dement, overly unkempt. Wear a helmet.


Apollo Ghosts, Pink Tiger DBL LP

Living the life of a Canadian rock'n'roll demon has it's ups and downs, as illustrated by this double LP set of tales from Tiger Bay, and beyond. Adrian let's it all hang out in catchy strum/bass/drum time.


Girlsperm, The Muse Ascends (Thrilling Living)

It's the return to Girlsperm; find out what all the shouting's about. And the discordant guitaring. and drum pounding.


Field School, When Summer Comes (Small Craft Advisory)

Guitar strum mega-pop with inflections of downtown Olymp.


Above: Fred Thomas!