Smoke M2D6 "Strawmen" !

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Smoke M2D6 "Strawmen" !

Above: Smoke M2D6 mixes it up in the bat cave.


"Strawmen" is the latest Smoke M2D6 joint, your soundtrack to Armageddon: "There's a Strawman lurking in the shadows, a coping mechanism while we headed for the gallows" - - - if you know what i mean. It's Smoke M2D6 laying it down and whipping it on with nitro hip hop heads of state IAME and Claud Six.

"Strawmen" is an excellent example of Smoke M2D6' production finesse; it feels funky yet somber - - -  hopeful! This quote from guest artist Claud Six (in real life a middle school teacher very dedicated to his students - - - he also plays in the combo Jellyfish Brigade) gives you the idea: "Dive into the rabbit hole when something ain't right and ignore the atrocities occurring in plain sight. " A hint of mockery of our oh so modern world as our hero plans to "go to Mars with Bezos." He just might make it.

"I'm trying to go to Mars with Bezos"

"Strawmen", a concrete jungle crawl, will get under your fingernails and can be heard at all the usual digital plats. Crank it freely.

"Strawmen" is the second single from the Smoke M2D6 album Quarantine Heart Throb [KLP290], available from The K Mail Order Dept.

View the video for "Strawmen" (with lyrics!), created by the deep diving artist known as $imple via modern teknology available only to those with access to the world-wide web.

Below discover more about "Strawmen" guest stars IAME and Claud Six - - -


Above: IAME has got something to say.


Our IAME (aka Wool See) rocks it hardcore with hip hop crews Oldominion and Sandpeople. You know he's hard with a soft, furry underbelly, necessary for keeping warm on those cold Vermont winter nights.

Above: Claud Six of the city lost.

Claud Six!

What the world does not know about Claud Six is he slips discs hip hop or guitar sock hop, either which-way fits his versatile mop bucket slop of lyrical ambidexterity. Claud Six will spill it and you will be amazed, every day is a new page.

Listen to the music.


Smoke M2D6, Quarantine Heart Throb [KLP290]