Smoke M2D6, Quarantine Heart Throb release party!

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Smoke M2D6, Quarantine Heart Throb release party!

 The new Smoke M2D6 album Quarantine Heart Throb [KLP290] is celebrated Friday night at an album release show featuring mass heavy guests. It all goes down within the Spanish Ballroom, Tacoma, Washington, Friday June 23. Fear not - - - this event is accessible to audience members of all ages, and there will be plenty of the neighborhood kids in attendance.

Featured NW artists sharing the bill with Smoke M2D6 are AKA, Souls Worn Thin, Rachael Teixeira, Lone Wolf & Kub. Smoke M2D6 will end the evening with a multi-media presentation of the new Quarantine Heart Throb album in it's entirety. Says Smoke M2D6 about the evening "It is going to be a multi-genre melting pot, some of my great friends - - - I'm really excited to show everyone all this music!" (get tickets for the June 23 album release party HERE).

What follows is Smoke M2D6 discussing each of the featured guests - - -


"I've always felt drawn to him since we first met, and we've always worked well together. AKA is now tapping into his potential in a way he never has." Smoke M2D6 co-produced AKA's recent album Chip & a Chair. "We're almost done with the new album Stone Bubble, 20 songs long, next year we work on Final Table (these are all poker terms)."

Rachael Teixeira

"She is amazing (not just because she's my sister), trip hoppy and soulful at the same time. Her new album comes out next month, From the Water." Expect From the Water to extend beyond all expectations.

Lone Wolf & Cub

"One of my good MC friends is Shao Sosa, and his son is also an MC, Nobi. I've always been a fan of both their music. Now that they've decided to form a father & son duo, it's even better. This will be their first time performing as a duo in their hometown of Tacoma."

Souls Worn Thin

 "I've seen Souls Worn Thin before opening for AKA at his last CD release party. Totally dig them as a band, real rockin'. They set it off no matter what genre the audience may be into."

Smoke M2D6 Easy Street in-store June 22!

AKA joins Smoke M2D6 for a specially in-store appearance Thursday, June 22, 7:00 PM at Easy Street Records, West Seattle. This is a chance to see these two NW MCs in an intimate setting, and purchase advance tickets for the Quarantine Heart Throb [KLP290] album release show June 23 at a special price. Get down.

The Smoke M2D6 album Quarantine Heart Throb [KLP290] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.