Smoke M2D6 new single, video, upcoming album!

Smoke M2D6 new single, video, upcoming album!

Smoke M2D6, Northwest producer, beat maker and rapper extraordinaire, is pushing the outer planets toward the center right now with a new single and video for the song "William Shatner," out today. This is excerpted from his upcoming album Quarantine Heart Throb [KLP290], due June 9.

"William Shatner," an eternal Smoke M2D6 jam, draws inspiration from the reaction of a 90 year old William Shatner who in October, 2021 became the oldest person on the planet to travel into space. He boarded a capsule for a brief foray outside our atmosphere; what did he see while hurtling to the edge of the outer beyond? He saw death, and the overwhelming beauty of life on Earth. William Shatner was a guest of lifelong Star Trek fan Jeff Bezos on his Blue Origin New Shepard vehicle. When he returned to our planet Shatner said traveling to space "felt like a funeral."

Smoke M2D6 uses William Shatner's surprised reaction to great effect on his opus about life and existence "William Shatner." After exiting the capsule Shatner started to weep and he didn't know why. "I realized I was in grief for this beautiful world that I could see more clearly from up in space. This planet that took five billion years to evolve into what it is now, all the multitudes of things we human beings can love and be aware of that are so beautiful: the stuff today, the flower, the child, your fingers, I mean just everything abounds and is beautiful, and is a miracle. And we're destroying it."

Or at least that's what FOX NEWS reported. Smoke M2D6's private research though the World Wide Web has uncovered what William Shatner ACTUALLY said: "As we gained altitude and the warm beauty of the earth was behind us, I realized that I had made a dire mistake and nothing but blackness and death lay before me. I did not want to go to mars with Bazos, but that is out of my hands now."

Who you going to believe? You'll have to listen to the new Smoke M2D6 jam-up "William Shatner" to find out.

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