Ribbon Stage tour Europe June 2023!

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Ribbon Stage tour Europe June 2023!

It is all too exciting. Ribbon Stage, the crush heart wrought rot gut crashpop combo from Brooklyn, N.Y. launch their first ever tour next month, traveling from the East Coast of the United States of America to several countries across the pond, in Europe and the United Kingdom. The band is ver excited for this jaunt through the countries of old, they being irrepressible performers who cannot wait to share their music with fans new. Says Ribbon Stage member Jolie M-A, "I am really excited about the community we have built, internationally, and am very grateful for the people who are making this tour happen across the Atlantic! Our last night of tour is in Southampton and we're playing a Hobbit themed pub." Are you a big fan of The Hobbit? "No but I like the idea of a hobbit themed pub." Fair enough. "We'll also be playing with Rachel Love [Dolly Mixture] in Brighton, and The Snoozers as well; that's pretty exciting."

Below are ticket links for a few of the shows. Get them while you can!

June 19 Bristol, England The Exchange

June 20 Birmingham, England Centrala

June 21 York, England The Fulford Arms

June 22 Glasgow, Scotland The Glad Cafe

June 26 Southampton, England The Hobbit Pub

The Ribbon Stage album Hit with The Most [KLP283] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.

Ribbon Stage York, England show June 21!