Ribbon Stage session!

Olympia Underground -

Ribbon Stage session!

Above: Dave Sweetie and Anni Hilator of Ribbon Stage recording in Olympia, Washington

A new album is being recorded this week here in Olymp: Ribbon Stage are working it out in person, guitar and keyboard, drum and vocal: Dave Sweetie, Anni Hilator and Jolie M-A. A meeting of the the punk pop minds divine.

Jolie M-A, Dave Sweetie, guitar klang

There are so many songs this may have to be a double LP. Perhaps a series of 7" 45rpm phonograph records. Who knows? Their My Favorite Shrine [IPU145] EP is still resonating resolutely on turntables across the lands. All who hear are hungry for more: MORE guitar crash, MORE vocal utterance delight, MORE bash drum and dance flight, MORE Ribbon Stage amplification derangements. 2022, the year of the Ribbon Stage.

Ribbon Stage, Budd Inlet, Olympia, Washington, December 2021