Ribbon Stage Baked Good Challenge!

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Ribbon Stage Baked Good Challenge!

Last month Ribbon Stage challenged their fans to bake up something delicious and pose it with their fave Ribbon Stage-related item/souvenir/chotchkie - - - this was in lieu of the band going forth into the world, touring and playing shows following the release of their debut album Hit with the Most [KLP283]. There were two categories for the Ribbon Stage Baked Good Challenge, "most creative fan photo" and "what looks like the best baked good," both to be determined by the members of Ribbon Stage.

There were so many Ribbon Stage Baked Good Challenge entries the contest was extended for an additional week. Now that the time is up for entries and the assorted photogs have been examined carefully, here is what the members of Ribbon Stage report are the results of the Ribbon Stage Baked Good Challenge:

"Challenge complete!

"There were some pretty fun entries, so many amazing entries for the #ribbonstagechallenge, so many Star Bakers in the mix, it was hard for us to pick a winner. But the other bakers couldn't really compete with Binny’s one-of-a-kind Ribbon Stage dog treats, including a homemade sharpie shirt for the pup as well. Congrats, @scariestbugever and thank you for including a video of your dog enjoying these charming biscuits, we certainly would have been tempted to try them at the K office over here.

"For category #2, 'yummiest looking treat,' we have a tie to Carrie and Ian from the amazing Star Party, who collaborated on a dinner & dessert combo of gluten free sausage rolls and a gorgeous meringue! Check out their band @starpartyrocks to see what other confections these guys get up to in their spare time."

The Ribbon Stage album Hit with the Most [KLP283] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.