Ribbon Stage, bake-off!

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Ribbon Stage, bake-off!

Ribbon Stage just released their debut album, Hit with the Most [KLP283], to great acclaim, totes, yet instead of hitting the road to "promote" it, they are staying at home, sheltering in place and baking it up.

Writes in Ribbon Stage member Jolie, "Just wanted to keep you abreast of a little project I have this week: get people to bake in honor of the Ribbon Stage album - - - "the ribbon stage" is a baking term that has gained popularity (since being featured in the show the Great British Bake Off)."

Above: Ribbon Stage, getting their bake off.


Join us this week for the #RibbonStageChallenge (via "instagram") as we honor the band name's origins as a baking term!

Here's what you do - - -

1. Bake something, anything
2. Take a photo of it with whatever Ribbon Stage swag you have
3. Post & tag @krecs
4. Share your treat with a friend, or if you're local come drop some by the K office ;) [located in Olympia, Washington!]

Two winners will be announced next Monday, December 4, with prizes awarded to what looks like the best baked good, and another to the most creative fan photo, as determined by members of Ribbon Stage.

Good luck and don't be a soggy bottom!

The Ribbon Stage album Hit with the Most [KLP283] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.