Our Friends & Neighbors!

Our Friends & Neighbors!

 Above: ORUÃ (with Lê Almeida, third from left); their ÍNGREME (Transfusão Noise Records) LP is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.


Ever since the K News began publishing (in November, 1984), we have offered up assorted releases by friends, neighbors and fellow travelers on this road of underground soundz. Then the Friends and Neighbors section has expanded; currently there are over 200 phonograph records, cassette tapes, compact discs, books and fanzines available from K in the "distributed by" section of our website, including artists from Olympia, down the West Coast, across the Midwest, Canada, Japan, Australia and throughout Europe.

If you have not perused this cornucopia of underground musical offerings, it may be time to explore some of the latest offerings from Our Friends & Neighbors!


Theee Retail Simps, Live on Cool St (Total Punk) LP

Three quarters of Montreal, Quebec's Feeling Figures reconvene to compact the trash in which you love to wallow: Theee Retail Simps,  the most rambunctious combo on Saint Laurent Boulevard!


Lê Almeida, I Feel in the Sky (Transfusão Noise Records) CS & CD

Lê Almeida (of Oruã) fuses the psyche with the surreal, popping the psychedelia beyond the green wall. I FEEL IN THE SKY is the 2023 solo album by Lê Almeida, released on his Brazilian label Transfusão Noise Records.


The Mona Reels, Record Dealin' Dick CD & CS

The Mona Reels, downtown Olympia pop crusaders, have a new EP!! Four exclusive tracks that will not be included on the upcoming double LP (which you know is gonna be swell).


IQU, 'Dirty Boy (12" Version)' (Sonic Boom Recordings) 12" EP

Warehouse find of the century! A 12" single derived from the third IQU album Sun Q [KLP286]. Featuring a "Refix" by DJ Collage of "Dirty Boy" and an IQU remix of the Heather Duby song "Providence".