Olympia Underground Cassettes!

Olympia Underground -

Olympia Underground Cassettes!

Pictured above: Thin Veil

Olympia Underground cassettes!

Super cool and groovy new music from Olympia available on cassette tape, perhaps the perfect format for such soundz. Here are a few recent releases one really can't live without. Fold them within.

Field School, It's only Everything (Small Craft Advisory) CS
An EP, five songs by Charles Bert (formerly of Olympia's Math and Physics Club) on a new Olympia label, Small Craft Advisory. A whole new era dawns! Field School has Charles and the Field School orchestra jangling brightly on their Vox guitars and tambourines. A hush ascends.

Ghost Bitch, Pop Damaged CS
Gawd, cement mixer rock with a lot of grave scraping sounds. Howls, too. No dinner party is complete without Pop Damaged thrumming in the foreground.

WULF, DEMO (Adult Fantasy) CS
Do you remember Rock'n'Roll Radio? Powerful pop and wonderful rhyme schemes set to durable beats and thumping bumpus. An Olympia Underground supergroup does us right and jolly for eight songs.

Star Party, Star Party (Feel It Records)  CS
The first cassette from a duo comprised of Olympia pop and punk music people. Star Party is is a crash course in popping blasting caps for breakfast. Includes a cover of the Shop Assistants obscure first 45rpm "Something to Do" - - - Terrif!

The Mona Reels, Without Love CS
Music for the ages, that is the specialty of The Mona Reels. On Without Love they borrow something old and something blue and they make it new all over again. The Mona Reels, Without Love is also available as a compact disc.

Thin Veil, Demos (2060 Records) CS
Heavy trippin' from this recent collaboration by assorted local Heads who experiment with bending brainwaves around your collar bone. Snap your neck, ever so slowly.

Dave Harvey, Get Mental (High Command Recording Co.) CS
Hard rock and heavy metal are not mutually exclusive; they both get weighty distortions on this collection of heavier-than-air sonic collusions. Basically an album of pop songs.