Old Time Relijun Remix Rhumba!

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Old Time Relijun Remix Rhumba!

The Old Time Relijun remix extravaganza has veered off the charts. In one week we already have multiple new takes on assorted Old Time Relijun Musicking [KLP279] joints.

To recap: The latest Old Time Relijun album Musicking [KLP279] will be available on the long-playing (LP) phonograph record format October 9 (the LP of Musicking can be pre-ordered RIGHT NOW from The K Mail Order Dept.). In celebration, the combo has made the raw tracks to three of Musicking's most extreme & beloved ditties ("We Start the Fire", "The Foundation Is Cracked" and "Left Hand Shake") available for anyone who would like to take a stab at cutting and dicing them to the point of paramount super-freshness. If YOU are interested in partaking in this celebratory mix-mash, contact otimerelijun@gmail.com and let them know which song you would like to work with and the raw materials will be forwarded to you.

Musicking Remix Project Bundle Number One is available RIGHT NOW, featuring four different mixes of "We Start the Fire", by Hayden Courtney, Ethan Jones, The Organizing Committee ("High Priestess of Voltage") and Poingly. These people have imagination. They have panache. They have all infused "We Start the Fire" with a certain "something" that cannot be described, only heard - - - HERE.

There will be more Musicking [KLP279] remixes unveiled every two weeks. Keep an eye peeled.

The Old Time Relijun Musicking [KLP279] LPs have arrived!