Old Time Relijun Musicking Remix 2!

Old Time Relijun Musicking Remix 2!

Above: Squirrel, who has remixed the Old Time Relijun song "Left Hand Shake"

People, life is just too, too much to bear straight without a hefty does of otherworldlyness to dampen the way. This week the Musicking Remix Bundle Two is here, providing just the right band of gold to give us hope and spirit.

In case you just tuned in, Musicking [KLP279] is Old Time Relijun's tenth studio album, released last November, available on the long playing (LP) phonograph record format for the first time October 7 (you may PRE-ORDER a copy to be shipped by September 1). in celebration of this momentous occasion Old Time Relijun have opened the flood gates for fans (or passers by) to remix three songs from Musicking ("We Start the Fire", "The Foundation Is Cracked" and "Left Hand Shake") to their heart's content. Musicking Remix Bundle Two is the second installment of these remixes, featuring four new versions of "Left Hand Shake".

Eventually all the assorted REMIXES will be compiled onto one monumental album at the Old Time Relijun Bandcamp site. Until then, new mixes will be shared regularly every couple of weeks.

Here is an overview of the folks included on Musicking Remix Bundle Two - - -

1.SSS (aka Sam Smith) is a multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Olympia, WA who produces instrumental, experimental psych-rock, typically percussion-heavy with intricate layers of polyrhythms that oscillate between the melodic and the hypnotic. Learn more about SSS HERE.

2.Peacock Raven declined to give us any info about themselves but this mix is cool. Kinda tears the song apart and puts it back together again!

3. D Haddon is a bedroom producer / keyboard player / loveable weirdo who currently lives in Forest Grove, OR. In the past year, he's produced/written for the projects Warning Light, Stranded, Yellow Bulb. and High Marks, when not otherwise occupied walking the PNW forests with his dog Sweet G.

4. Artist known only as "Squirrel" :::: "Squirrel does what Squirrel wants, when and where Squirrel wants to."


Dunt forget one may order an LP copy of Old Time Relijun's latest album Muscking [KLP279] HERE.