Old Time Relijun, Muscking LP and REMIX!

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Old Time Relijun, Muscking LP and REMIX!

It's a crazy mixed up world. And it's only getting more mixed up as Old Time Relijun open the flood gates, inviting YOU to remix a song from their Musicking [KLP279] LP!

 Some background: Musicking is Old Time Relijun's tenth studio album (what the wtf!!!) out last Nov. and now FINALLY available on the highly coveted long-playing phonograph record (LP!) format October 9. You people here reading the weekly K News have the opportunity to pre-order the Musicking LP and have a copy shipped to your door the first week of Sept. Hallelujah.

 As for this REMIX folderol, Old Time Relijun recorded Musicking themselves from their assorted secret hideaways. They are unleashing the separate track from three of the songs to an unsuspecting public to do with as they will; atomic remix-osaurus will ensue! The three songs in question are "We Start the Fire", "The Foundation Is Cracked" and "Left Hand Shake". It's all too groovy. The remixes will be posted on the Old Time Relijun Bandcamp page prior to the release of the Musicking LP.

If you are game to give it a go, mix and match Old Time Relijun with the best of them, contact otimerelijun@gmail.com and let them know which song you would like to work with and the raw materials will be forwarded to you.

Good luck!