Old Time Relijun "Lung Song" video!

Old Time Relijun "Lung Song" video!

Musicking [KLP279], Old Time Relijun's tenth studio album, is what future scientists of the past will refer to as Old Time Relijun's "early pandemic" album. It was recorded from assorted sheltering in places by the Old Time Relijun believers Walker, Aaron Harman and Arrington de Diuonyso during the late 2020, early 2021 months. This record pounces fierce.

unleashed digitally last November, Musicking is now available on the coveted long-playing (LP) phonograph record format. In celebration of this achievement Old Time Relijun has a new video to accompany "Lung Song". But how does this video imagery relate to Musicking and what Old Time Relijun is proclaiming through it? Guitar-slinger and chief throat singer of Old Time Relijun Arrington de Dionyso has this to say about that:

"Hello friends! Do you like to breathe? If so you will LOVE the new animated video for "Lung Song" by Old Time Relijun. It's probably my favorite song on the Musicking LP, it's urgent, it's poignant, it's ecological protest in a time of crisis and it's also an embrace of the primordial rhythms that unite the flow of oxygen and blood coursing through the veins of all living things.

"The animation was created by a mysterious artist from Central Mexico now living in a remote abandoned castle in Adriatic Italy, known only as Nespy5euro! (Please follow his instagram @nespy5euro to see more of his work!) In this video we witness firsthand the throbbing pulse of TEOTL: the waveform that unites all opposites in Meso-American Shamanic Realist Mytho-poetic philosophy. You'll probably need to watch it two or three times to really take it all in."

Fair enough. View the "Lung Song" video HERE.

Old Time Relijun, Musicking [KLP279] LP is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.