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Old school Ghost Bitch!

Above: The new Ghost Bitch album Blood and Honey [KLP282] is in stores March 25.

No one can ever forget the "pizza scene" in Rock'n'Roll High School: Ramones have just come off stage and are in their dressing room when the big moment arrives: the pizza! ("No pizza for you, Joey.") Rock'n'roll and pizza, a classic combination.

Old School Pizzeria, an institution in Downtown Olympia, has been the epitome of that classic combination for about one million years. Though it has always passed inspection by the Thurston County Dept. of Health with flying colors, Old School has been a Petri dish of musical bacteria: hip hop, punk, metal and self-styled folk rockers have thrived there as customers, and as employees. Members of CC Dust, Quayde LaHüe, Milk Music, Gun Outfit, Mona Reels, Weird TV, Sun Skull, Restless, Family Stoned, Cairo Pythian, CCFX, Nudity, HPP, Sisters and Christian Mistress have all done KP duty at Old School Pizzaria at one time or another.

It was working at Old School Pizzaria that Stasia Kowaleski (before she became known as Ghost Bitch) first met Jenna Fitton - - - it wasn't long before they realized they had more than pizza and rock'n'roll in common. Stasia had seen Jenna singing in Quayde LaHüe on local cable access TCTV, "They were awesome! I didn't even know we had cable. I happened to turn on the TV and there they were. I was surprised, excited, pleased." When Stasia's new combo DiOR (aka Women of the Divine Orgasm) played their first show it was with Quayde LaHüe. An Olympia basement show not to be missed. Heavy soundz delineated.

Jenna Fitton on the cover of the Quayde LaHüe album Love out of Darkness [KLP275]   

In early 2020 Stasia and Jenna quit the downtown Olymp scene (at least temporarily) for swingin' London, England. They attended POP CRIMES: A TRIBUTE TO ROWLAND S HOWARD at the Royal Festival Hall. An inspiring event especially since Roland S. Howard (who died of liver cancer in 2009 at age 50) is a big influence on the Ghost Bitch oeuvre. Stasia and Jenna made it back to Olymp just days before the entire world shut down due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Though they are no longer comrades in the trenches of Old School Pizzaria, they continue to collaborate in other ways. When it came time to put together the new Ghost Bitch album Blood and Honey [KLP282] (out March 25), Stasia asked Jenna to take the cover photog. The photog turned out well.

The new Ghost Bitch album Blood and Honey [KLP282]; photog by Jenna Fitton