Morgan & the Organ Donors "So Dark"

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Morgan & the Organ Donors "So Dark"

Above: member of Organ & the Organ Donors celebrate their new single "So Dark".


"So Dark" is a forgotten rock'n'roll melody you can't place and can't get out of your head. Morgan & the Organ Donors is the cult Olympia, Washington band you can't get out of your mind, causing one to go out of one's mind, a rock'n'roll frenzy!

Create havoc. Play "So Dark" out your window, loud & non-stop, watch the fun begin!

"So Dark" is the third single from the Morgan & the Organ Donors album M.O.D.s [KLP285/PRNL046], pictured above. The cover is a painting by Celery Jones, depicting lead singer Sara who, despite what you may think from viewing her likeness, is an actual librarian. That's right - - - she is paid money to shelve books! M.O.D.s [KLP285/PRNL046] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.