Morgan & the Organ Donors new single, video, "Letter"!

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Morgan & the Organ Donors new single, video, "Letter"!

It's time to don those dancing shoes and shimmy down to the latest Organ soundz! "Letter" is the new single from Morgan & the Organ Donors, out today on Bandcamp, as a video on youtube, and streaming via all the usual digital plats. "Letter" is a jangle town stroll down Primrose Lane involving the usual pitfalls and detours, but in the end our heroine comes out fragrant as the bouquet one imagines when taking a gander at Morgan & the Organ Donors live on stage!

"Letter" is the second single from the Morgan & the Organ Donors' album M.O.D.s 9KLP285/PRNL046], out April 28 - - - the album can be PRE-ORDERED now at The K Mail Order Dept., to be shipped March 31. Yay. Morgan & the Organ Donors (in above photog, L to R: James, Tobi, Sara, Olivia) plan to spend the summer playing festivals, picnics at the lake, backyard BBQs and the usual carnival circuit. Hand me down my sugar cane.

Sara on the telephone with Morgan & the Organ Donors' agent about festival shows this summer!

New music by Morgan & the Organ Donors!

Morgan & the Organ Donors crank it up.



Morgan & the Organ Donors "Freeze the Time"

The first single excerpted from the Morgan & the Organ Donors new album M.O.D.s [KLP285/PRNL046] is "Freeze the Time", a fabulous slice of life on the rock'n'roll edge; all PRE-ORDERS for M.O.D.s ship by March 31.

View "Freeze the Time", VIDEO VERSION HERE.



Morgan & the Organ Donors, M.O.D.s [KLP285/PRNL046]

Morgan & the Organ Donors [M.O.D.s!] are rockers. As such they have a sense of style and live their downtown Olymp life with panache. Listen to their tale via the new album M.O.D.s [KLP285/PRNL046], available for PRE-ORDER now from The K Mail Order Dept.