Morgan & the Organ Donors, M.O.D.s!

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Morgan & the Organ Donors, M.O.D.s!

Above: Morgan & the Organ Donors, rock'n'roll lifers.


Last week this mysterious message arrived, pinned to the front door of the K office with a rhinestone dagger:

"The M.O.D.S are rockers. 

There are many storied tales of bands discovered in some forgotten record crate

but no such tales of one in such plain sight.

Morgan and the Organ Donors have been playing almost exclusively at one lone Olympia bar every December for the last decade.

Featuring Bikini Kill's Tobi Vail, C.O.C.O.'s Olivia Ness, and Famed Husband and Wife Team of James Maeda and Sara Peté

their songs belong in the pantheon of Pacific Northwest Standbys

such as Wipers, Dead Moon, The Wailers."


Well, then. The only vital piece of information left off the above missive is Morgan & the Organ Donors have a new album M.O.D.s [KLP285] in stores this Friday, April 28, 2023. Naturally it is already available via The K Mail Order Dept. Wahoo.

Furthermore, Morgan & the Organ Donors will play an album release show tomorrow evening, Thursday April 27 at the Brotherhood in downtown Olympia. Also on the bill are Unseen Ways featuring the rad being Chris Sutton (who has previously participated in musical collaborations with most if the Morgan & the Organ Donors peeps - - - Wahoo all over again). Will be a blast. Go!!!

Morgan & the Organ Donors' new album M.O.D.s [KLP285/PRNL046] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.


Morgan & the Organ Donors singles

Morgan & the Organ Donors "Freeze the Time"

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Morgan & the Organ Donors "Letter"

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Morgan & the Organ Donors "So Dark"