Morgan & the Organ Donors, all MODs Kaurismaki!

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Morgan & the Organ Donors, all MODs Kaurismaki!

Above: Morgan & the Organ Donors in a still from their new video "Motel Lights."


Last Week the new album by Morgan and the Organ Donors arrived in phonograph record emporiums across the globe to great acclaim: M.O.D.s [KLP285] is that vital slab of grit gravy garage Kumbaya we've all been seeking. Naturally it is also available via The K Mail Order Dept. and streaming on all the usual digital plats.

At the same time their album arrived Morgan & the Organ Donors unveiled a new video for the song "Motel Lights", forged as a tribute to the Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki and his deadpan, working class story telling style. Starring Olympia IT person Abigail Strange as "The Proletariat Girl" along with a cast of several dzn, it rocks killer. View the "Motel Lights" video HERE.

Above: Abigail Strange spends her first paycheck on a pair of roller skates in the Morgan & the Organ Donors video "Motel Lights". The new Morgan & the Organ Donors album M.O.D.s [KLP285/PRNL046] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.