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Morgan & the Organ Donors!

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of downtown Olympia venue The Brotherhood, Morgan & the Organ Donors joined up with The Moving Pictures and Thin Veil for an evening of joy and good tidings. As Morgan & the Organ Donors had just picked up copies of their new album (sans jackets). They created 20 limited edition album covers (see above) and sold them to the gathered masses. Too much.

Not everyone who wanted a copy of the new Morgan & the Organ Donors album were able to secure one of those limited edition relics of the future. Suffice to say the "official" version of the album will be made available at the "official" time. Patience is a virtue.

Says the band:

Morgan & the Organ Donors [The M.O.D.s] played our first show since the summer last Sunday. It was the Brotherhood Tavern’s 20th anniversary party. Such a fun night playing with our friends The Moving Pictures & Thin Veil! We made 20 secret handmade advance copies of our new LP to celebrate it. They all sold out immediately! The record is out in a few months! We have some music videos coming out very soon so stay tuned!


The M.O.D.s


And there you have it. Within weeks the "official" word will come down from high with instructions to us plebeians on how to obtain an "official" copy of the new Morgan & the Organ Donors album. We await with bated breath (and good cheer).