Monday, in a Small Dull Town!

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Monday, in a Small Dull Town!

 Above: The Smashing Times, a revelation in rumpus room régime.


The Smashing Times' new single "Monday, in a Small Dull Town" (a subject of which we know very little) is out today, everywhere digital information is exchanged. It is also available as a 7" 45rpm phonograph record via your favorite emporium of such things (including The K Mail Order Dept!).

"Monday, in a Small Dull Town" is Smashing Times making waves and furrows. As a traditional single record it has an A-Side, "Girl of Many Names" and a B-Side, "Monday, in a Small Dull Town." Two songs of strummy guitar magic, summery snare drum crack propulsion. "Girl of Many Names" presents a question mark in an hourglass. Does she or doesn't she or wha. "Monday, in a Small Dull Town" sets us back on the path towards the water where one splashes around in glee. Nothing to lose, our feet are already wet! Listen to The Smashing Times' new single, the latest volume in our International Pop Underground series, HERE.

Last week The Smashing Times toured the East Coast of the United States with The Clientele (sturdy Brit poppers, chiming and elastic). Next month they tour the entire USA in preparation for their new album This Sporting Life [PRNL051/KLP293], out November 3. One may PRE-ORDER This Sporting Life now via The K Mail Order Dept., to be shipped out by October 3. get on that!

Above: the new single "Monday, in a Small Dull Town" by The Smashing Times can be experienced HERE.