Marine Research, John Peel BBC Session!

Marine Research, John Peel BBC Session!

Presented here is the only BBC session ever recorded by the wonderful Marine Research, the group formed by members of the legendary Heavenly following the death of Mathew Fletcher.

This gatefold double 7” 45rpm phonograph record set has four songs, among them the gorgeous ‘Angel In The Snow’ and previously unreleased ‘Bad Dreams’ (featuring David Gedge of the Wedding Present) plus ‘Capital L', which would probably have been a single if the band hadn’t split up. Package includes a set of postcards with previously unseen pics, download codes and informative sleeve notes from Amelia Fletcher. As an added extra freebie on the download, you also get a live show from BBC Sound City in Liverpool in October 1999 - introduced by John Peel himself.


"I Confess",  "Angel In The Snow", "Bad Dreams", "Capital L"

Marine Research, Sounds from the Gulf Stream!

The Marine Research full LP released by K back at the end of the last century. A revelation in pop music, swinging with rich, aquatic clarity. Sounds from the Gulf Stream is a much more languid approach than anything previously attempted by Amelia and co., warmly oscillating between Ursella Andress in Dr. No and Carroll Baker in Baby Doll. Diving bell deep to coral sands, breathtakingly lush reef to seashore with pail in hand.

A bite-sized CD EP featuring "Parallel Horizontal" from the Marine Research album Sounds From the Gulf Stream [KLP100], plus two songs from their John Peel BBC session. Dunt fret if you are surprised by the secret remix of "Parallel Horizontal" affected by drummer DJ Downfall.