Lime Crush!

Lime Crush!

Lime Crush played their first show in a classroom at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna [I was witness! - ed.] in 2014; since then they've only expanded their creeping influence on the minds of Austrian youth. This despite many long hiatus allowing the band members to pursue other artistic endeavors. Veronika Eberhart, Lime Crush singer, drummer, etc. has wandered far and wide following her muse, traveling to Los Angeles, CA., Albania, Brussels, Belgium and to the other side of Vienna for artist-in-residence programs. "I apply for a new project, it often has to do with the nation in which it is located; you apply and you get it or you don't. I was lucky these last few years [and ver talented - ed.]. Every time I come back we try to play a show or record something."

The most recent Lime Crush thrust to the heart is Timewaster (Fettkakao), a four song 7" 45rpm EP (available now from The K Mail Order Dept.) Says Veronika, "I love it. I really like the songs and we had fun recording it, between lock-downs. We have very strict lock-downs). We all met upo went into the recording studio, it was very beautiful to work with other people after not being allowed to see other people."

Lime Crush by Pat Blashill

Andi Dvořák of Lime Crush and coordinator of their label Fettkakao was also pleased with the results of Timewaster, and with the producer Werner Thenmeyer (seen in the background of above photog of Veronika), "Finally something that sounds as nearly as much as I imagine it should sound."

Andi, like Veronika, has other creative endeavors. His combo Lips Tower will have a new release available via Fettkakoa. Both Lips Tower and Lime Crush appear on the label compilation Fettkakoa 50, celebrating the 50th release by the label. Cools. Keep it up, people.