Lê Almeida!

Lê Almeida!

 Above: Lê Almeida and Oruã, stranded in the Brazilian flora after recording their ÍNGREME (Transfusão Noise Records) LP.


In Brazil, no one wears sunglasses. They dunt need to: they're inherently cool. Check into Lê Almeida, who's been popping psychedelia beyond the green wall for over a decade. With combo Oruã he's defined a new underground Brazil sound, lush and porous (their recent album ÍNGREME (Transfusão Noise Records) is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.) When solo, Lê Almeida fuses the psyche with the surreal. Two of his recent solo albums, I Feel the Sky and Aulus, both released on his own Brazilian Transfusão Noise Records label, are Available now from The K Mail Order Dept.


Lê Almeida, I Feel the Sky (Transfusão Noise Records) CS/CD

Says Lê Almeida of this, his most recent album: "I wanted to find words that would define what it feels like to be in heaven. Regardless of belief and any religious orientation, just the free sensation of feeling light enough to be as high as the sky. I couldn’t find those words exactly, but I found a world of thoughts, notes, and insights on how to create and record outside of a violent environment, directly influencing my musicality and creating new social contours in my way of thinking."


Lê Almeida, Aulas (Transfusão Noise Records) LP

Death, poetry, Christmas, Boise: all these themes and influences combine to create a maelstrom of distortion, the echoplexity of guitar expansion and decline, meeting up again on the other side of the chocolate factory. Lê Almeida forges new channels of sound within the context of distorted pop music, at the same both time heavy and supple. Throughout, Lê Almeida never loses his sense of wonder, no matter how far the slide.