LAKE, West Coast tour, Let's Build a Roof!

LAKE, West Coast tour, Let's Build a Roof!

Above: LAKE, West Coast tour, Spring 2024, celebrating Let's Build a Roof [KLP213]!


The musical entity LAKE is a combination of multi-instrumentalists. Their shows have been a whirlwind of players moving back and forth across the stage, as each song may require a shuffling of the LAKE deck. At least this was true in previous decades. Now we're deep in the '20s and LAKE has settled into a spare three-piece, each with their assigned seat: Ashley Eriksson, electric bass guitar, Eli Moore, electric guitar and Andrew Dorsett, drum trap set. As such they are setting off on a West Coast tour later this spring, playing songs from their most requested album, Let's Build a Roof [KLP213].

But wait - - - Let's Build a Roof was recorded when LAKE comprised six players, three of whom have moved on to other endeavors. Thus, says Ashley, "We’re bringing Paul Benson with us. He’ll play bass so we can play songs from Let’s Build a Roof. Having him play bass allows me to play keyboards. There were songs we from the album, like "Don't Give up" and Madagascar" we couldn't play without a keyboard." Fair enough. Paul Benson plays in the Anacortes band New Issue, who will join the NW portion of the LAKE tour. "Paul has recorded with us, he’s been in a few of our albums here and there (Circular Doorway), and we’ve toured with him; he's an honorary member.” Yay.

Also on this tour LAKE are adding "new stuff" to the set list, songs from their recent album Roundelay (Off Tempo) and the upcoming Bucolic Gone. Double yay.

LAKE, Let's Build a Roof [KLP213] has been remastered and is in stores April 19.

The LP is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.