LAKE, "Loose Wind (Single Mix)"!

LAKE, "Loose Wind (Single Mix)"!

 Above: LAKE, Let's Build a Roof!

"Loose Wind (Single Mix)" is the latest taste of the re-mastered LAKE album Let's Build a Roof [KLP213]. Mixed by Stephen Steinbrink, a long time pal of LAKE, "Loose Wind (Single Mix)" leaps into the ether and leaves you feeling like your toes are no longer touching the ground. It's an excellent collaboration between artists with an instinctive understanding of each others push and pull.

Stephen Steinbrink knows his way around a mixing board as he's been recording his own music for decades. He brings new buoyancy to the blustery afternoon that is "Loose Wind". The vocals are really brought out from behind the clouds. We got some real kite-flying music now.

One may hear "Loose Wind (Single Mix)" on all known digital plats, including Bandcamp.

LAKE, Let's Build a Roof [KLP213] is in stores April 19 (though the LP is now available for PRE-ORDER from The K Mail Order Dept.)

Above: the new LAKE single from Let's Build a Roof [KLP213] is "Loose Wind (Single Mix)".