LAKE, Let's Build a Roof & "Gravel"!

LAKE, Let's Build a Roof & "Gravel"!

 Above: LAKE during the Let's Build a Roof [KLP213] era, L to R: Eli Moore, Ashley Eriksson, Andrew Dorsett, Linus Schief, Adam Oelsner, Markly Morrison. Photog by Sarah Cass.


You know everyone loves LAKE - - - what you may not know is their second K album, Let's Build a Roof [KLP213] has been REMASTERED and will be reissued April 19 on the long playing (LP) phonograph record format. Yay. The remastering was necessary to correct some audio anomalies in the original release. There have also been five bonus songs added to the digital album, the first of which, "Gravel (Single Mix)" is out today on all known streaming sites, including Bandcamp.

What sets "Gravel (Single Mix)" apart from the original version is a special treatment by Nich Milbur at The Unknown (Anacortes, Washington) to emphasize the horns, and certain aspects of the rhythm. Smooth, yet turbulent. Listen to it.

Rumors abound LAKE will tour about the West Coast in celebration of the reimagined Let's Build a Roof [KLP213].

One may PRE-ORDER the LP of Let's Build a Roof [KLP213] from The K Mail Order Dept. Said PRE-ORDERS will ship by March 18. Double yay.

Above: the first digital single from the remastered LAKE album Let's Build a Roof [KLP213] is "Gravel (Single Mix)," out today at your fave digital plat!