LAKE "Don't Give up (Single Mix)" out NOW!

LAKE "Don't Give up (Single Mix)" out NOW!

Above: LAKE, through the viewfinder of Sarah Cass. PRE-ORDER their Let's Build a Roof [KLP213] now from The K Mail Order Dept.

"Don't Give up (Single Mix)" is the second digital single from the remastered LAKE album Let's Build a Roof [KLP213], which hits record stores April 19. "Don't Give up" has been remixed for this single by Daniel Ledwell, a producer and engineer residing in Nova Scotia, Canada. LAKE and Daniel Ledwell first met when Eli Moore of LAKE toured as a member of Canadian artist Jenn Grant's band, with whom Daniel Ledwell also plays. Daniel records Ms. Grant's music, too. While playing a Jenn Grant recording session Eli was able to experience first hand Daniel's delicate touch in the studio (you can get a glimpse of Eli in the Jenn Grant video "The Story of Champagne Problems"). The next thing you know, Daniel was mixed up the medicine, creating a whole new "Don't Give up" for this LAKE digital release.

Daniel's thoughts on the song and his mix: "I use the word lo-fi lovingly. Obviously it was recorded to tape, there was a lot of bleed and the original mix leaned into that. I tried to modernize it - - - "modernize" in quotation marks. I love Ashley Eriksson's voice! She has a beautiful, double vocal happening." Daniel regrets he has never seen LAKE play live or met the rest of the band. A few weeks back, while touring with Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene), Daniel was supposed to meet Ashley in Los Angeles, but she was ill (insert sad face emoji here).

Daniel was able to bring urgency to the mix, pushing "Don't Give up" through a new dawn, a diff time zone. When you listen to "Don't Give up (Single Mix)" you move at an accelerated pace while still on even keel with all the LAKE-like qualities one loves.

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