IQU live and in the flesh!

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IQU live and in the flesh!

Above: IQU at LoFi Gallery, Seattle, WA, Dec. 11,2022; photog courtesy The Stranger


Last Friday evening IQU performed at the LoFi Gallery, Seattle, WA delivering "sonic sunshine of rarefied beauty," according the Dave Segal of The Stranger. This was IQU's first Seattle show since 2019, part of a run of events celebrating the re-release of the Sun Q [KLP286] album earlier this autumn. IQU members Michiko Swiggs and DJ Kento were joined by drummer Andy Sells, creating a dance floor thumping groovilicious sound that shakes all devices.

IQU plan at least one more show this winter at Capitol Theater Backstage, Olympia, Washington, in late January. Stay tuned for complete details. Meanwhile, the IQU album Sun Q [KLP286] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept., as well as your fave phonograph record emporium. You will also discover Sun Q streaming at all the usual digital suspects.

IQU, Sun Q [KLP286]

In the unique world of IQU, nothing is certain and everything is permissible; that's the feeling you get upon first entrance into their special sonic universe. Stylistically diverse and extremely resourceful, IQU is absolutely original, without peer, and continues to perk up the ears of many worldwide. Sun Q!


IQU "Dirty Boy" 12" EP

A 12" single derived from the third IQU album Sun Q [KLP286]. Featuring a "Refix" by DJ Collage of "Dirty Boy" and an IQU remix of the Heather Duby song "Providence".


IQU, Chotto Matte a Moment! [KLP085]

IQU turns the electronica underground inside out with their debut album Chotto Matte a Moment! [KLP085].


IQU and Friends, Teenage Dream [KLP108]

The epic Nipponese inspired song "Teenage Dream", with remixes by IQU's pals Looper, Lexaunculpt, Team 714, Dub ID, Take One & Red Clay, and Concentrick.