IQU album release show Dec. 9!

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IQU album release show Dec. 9!

This weekend IQU will play their album release show in Seattle, WA, celebrating their third album Sun Q [KLP286], revived from the catacombs and released by K this autumn. The show will also feature a performance by long-time Seattle underground music stalwart John 'Cougar' Atkins, plus DJs A.C. Lews and Christain Science. Learn more about the show HERE.

The combo, comprised of Michiko Swiggs and DJ Kento, has been laying low for the last decade and a half; their most recent public appearance was in the summer of 2019, a benefit for Josh Warren, formerly of Satisfact and FCS North. Unfortunately Josh Warren succumbed to cancer shortly after the event. Remembers Kento, "He wasn't well enough to be at the show, he saw it from his hospital bed."

The good news is Josh's FCS North band mate Andy Sells is joining IQU on drums for this series of shows. "Andy is so good, it adds a whole new element. It's something we started in the last two years [after the initial release of Sun Q in 2004], playing with different drummers."

After an initial show in Everett, WA last weekend ("That was fun, real fun."), IQU hope to play a few more shows in the near future, including Olympia, WA, their old stomping grounds. "Audrey of Capitol Theater has been talking to us about a Backstage show, in January or February."

As for their return to the live stage, Kento says, "We still freak them out. It's always great to have someone come up and talk to us afterwards and ask how it is done. Good times. How often do you see a theremin played live?"

The IQU album Sun Q [KLP286] is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.