Here Comes the Summer!

Olympia Underground -

Here Comes the Summer!

Daisies will co-host a Dawn of Summer extravaganza with Morgan & the Organ Donors this week at the Spanish Ballroom in Tacoma. Much dancing will ensue (wear clogs). Also in on the action are Star Party and The Moving Pictures, so you know this is a must attend for any NW ne'er-do-well. It's all happening Thursday, June 8. This event is accessible to audience members of all ages.

There are new albums out now from both Daisies and Morgan & the Organ Donors, so plenty to celebrate besides the change of season.  Daisies came across with Great Big Open Sky [KLP289/PRNL048] their most diverse and satisfying set of songlets in many a moon. Morgan & the Organ Donors share their fine rock'n'gravel collection M.O.D.s [KLP285/PRNL046]. Everyone who hears it is livid with delight. It's that kind of album.

People, this is the way to end spring. Get your tickets NOW. Wahoo. Have yourself a board stompin' good time.

Morgan & the Organ Donors, M.O.D.s [KLP285/PRLN046] is available from The K Mail Order Dept.