Hartle Road, on the road!

Hartle Road, on the road!

Above: Hartle Road via cinder block.


Our favorite Mississippi (post-kraut) combo Hartle Road are plying their trademark upside-down underground pop music to the massed folk of the Deep South with shows in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi through the end of the year. In March Hartle Road plan to shoot up the Midwest as a tag-team with Winston Hightower: Ohio, Michigan, Illinois. Get there!

The new Hartle Road album Maxx II [PRNL049/KLP288] is nailed to many a turntable this holiday season. Get your copy via The K Mail Order Dept.

Hartle Road, Birmingham, Alabama, December 2

This weekend Hartle Road play Birmingham, Alabama with just the right the right sort of people.


Hartle Road, Memphis, Tennessee, December 16

A Christmas Party sponsored by Goner Records featuring Hartle Road and like-minded rocket punks.