Hartle Road, new album, single "Rear Projection"

Hartle Road, new album, single "Rear Projection"

Above: Hartle Road decimate another living room on their way to Desolation Bicycle Path.


Weird-outs across the globe are turning on and tuning in to the Pompeii sound of Hartle Road, as evidenced by their new single "Rear Projection" - - - a driving nails in your coffin kind of jig that pushes all the wrong buttons in just the right way. You may be left footed. Perhaps your rear view mirror is broken and you dunt care. Look forward with the right-thinking tomahawk soundz of Hartle Road, "Rear Projection", an excerpt from their upcoming album Maxx II [PRNL049/KLP288], out at the end of September. The K Mail Order Dept. is accepting pre-orders for Maxx II NOW, to be shipped mid-August. Fun time.

Hartle Road, Maxx II [PRNL049/KLP288]  - - - what we know - - -

Maxx II is an album defined by the insects crawling through a time tunnel of guitar & bass mushroom tripz to a place in the sun you never imagined. Yes, the psychedelics are shimmering; the sour Kraut Rock is subtly benign. Maxx II makes your head gently explode with tonic aerobics, sonic somersaults, delightful tongue twists. You may require more than one copy. Tra la la boom de hey!


Hartle Road, new video "Rear Projection"

Check into the latest imagery from Hartle Road and their Pompeii Studio in Columbus, Mississippi, which accompanies the video for "Rear Projection." House party confusion and delight.

Hartle Road "Rear Projection"

The new single from the upcoming Hartle Road album Maxx II [PRNL049/KLP288], "Rear Projection" can be streaming now at all your fave digital plats. Make your choice!

Hartle Road, Maxx II [PRNL049/KLP288]

The new Hartle Road album out in September, Maxx II, can pre-ordered now via The K Mail Order Dept., to ship by Aug 15.