Hartle Road: ICU!

Hartle Road: ICU!

 Above: Hartle Road, gardening via telekinesis.


Short, sweet and propulsive: the new single by Hartle Road, "ICU," is a driving clusterbomb encasing twists of post-punk scar tissue to CYA all over the dance floor. When asked to verbalize this latest audio missive to the masses, Hartle Road self-describes "ICU" as "Angular Dancey Harsh Eye-Opening No Wave" - - - a word collage for the sound collage delivered directly to your soul: "ICU".

Pompeii Studios, the homebrew mecca where the new Hartle Road album MAXX II (and single  "ICU") was created is Located in the American South, Columbus, Mississippi, the new mecca for underground soundz burning under the skin of all weird-outs across genres unknown. Recent albums by Calvin Johnson and Ibex Clone were recorded at Pompeii with assorted Hartle Road assistance. Yes, like that, pop gone wrong in all the right ways. That's the specialty of Pompeii Studio, at which Hartle Road excells; "ICU" is a self-immolant example of the whole new paradigm Hartle Road represents. Pop music filtered through rock'n'roll, divided by protons, neutrons, chocolate bon-bons.

The latest Hartle Road album Maxx II [PRNL059/KLP288], from which "ICU" is derived, makes an excellent case for you to get this record on your turntable and create new dance moves to accompany it's yowl. Incidentally, Maxx II is available now from The K Mail Order Dept.

Harlte Road will be playing musical events across the East Coast and Midwest throughout the autumn, with a trip to the West Coast planned in the very soon. Keep an eye peeled.

Above: Winston Hightower with the new Hartle Road album Maxx II [PRNL/KLP288], available now from The K Mail Order Dept.