Hartle Road, Groove Tonight!

Hartle Road, Groove Tonight!

Above: Hartle Road, grid to Groove.


The momentum of time is flowing effortlessly toward the moment Hartle Road's new album debuts; Maxx II [PRNL049/KLP288] graces us with its presence September 28. The second preview of Maxx II, digi single "Groove Tonight" sprung upon us this morning and is available now via your fave digital plat.

All this good news fits well with the Hartle Road ethos, describe alternately as "Fun," "Energetic," "Psychedelic" and "Mississippi." Yes, Hartle Road hang their hat in Columbus, Mississippi, as close to the center of the universe as can be calculated by instruments available to the layman. Close enough for the kind of rock'n'roll Hartle Road make and we all love to blast from beneath the cherry tree.


Above: the new single "Groove Tonight" by Hartle Road can be streamed and experienced HERE.

The first single from Maxx II, "Rear Projection," has already blessed the atmosphere with it's feverish spell. The new Hartle Road single "Groove Tonight" startles, heralds, exclaims. Experience it.

Maxx II [PRNL049/KLP288] is available for pre-order now from The K Mail Order Dept. All pre-orders for Maxx II ship out by August 15.

Above: Hartle Road play New Orleans, Louisiana this Saturday, August 12.