Gina Davidson in Chickfactor!

Gina Davidson in Chickfactor!

Above photog portrays The Fenestrations (Gina Davidson, Mark Flunder) playing the Quaker Meeting House in Hertford, England, on a bill that also included Calvin Johnson and Catenary Wires. Gina Davidson is featured with an extensive interview in Chickfactor (#19!) fanzine. Yay. It's about time. Worth the wait!

Gina "I was a teenage Marine Girl" Davidson! (ceramics and socks)

Chickfactor issue 19 is the latest from the iconic fanzine and features interviews with scads of groovy music makers and cultural touchstones. Besides Gina Davidson there is Artsick, Connie Lovatt (Containe, The Pacific Ocean), Dan Bejar (Destroyer), Horsegirl, Magic Roundabout,
Melenas, Rachel Aggs (Sacred Paws, Shopping, Trash Kit), Rachel Love (Dolly Mixture, Spelt), Rebecca Cole (Clay Cole, Minders, Wild Flag), Sacred Paws, Say Sue Me, Seablite, The Umbrellas, Laura Veirs.

Chickfactor 19 is edited by Gail O’Hara, who co-founded CF with Pam Berry in 1992. Design Direction is beautifully done by Jen Sbragia (from the Softies).

Both Chickfactor issue 19 and Chickfactor issue 18 are available now from The K Mail Order Dept.